Common problems in the nose of cats

Common and uncommon colds . If your cat’s nose is bushy or snotty, take a look at the discharge. If the mucus is clear, your cat probably has a cold. (Yes, cats catch a cold, just like humans do). Sick cats sneeze frequently, too. If your cat’s condition persists or gets worse after a week, call a veterinarian. Your cat may have a disease of the upper respiratory tract, probably caused by feline herpesvirus or feline calicivirus, or perhaps bordetellosis. If your cat’s mucus is cloudy or bloody, call a veterinarian immediately, this can mean a lot of serious diseases.


Allergies Clear nasal congestion can mean allergy. Have you changed your cat’s favorite pillow? Did you move to a new place? Did you change your food? Did you add new plants in the house? Try to reverse any important change. If this solves your cat’s nasal discharge, then it is probably allergic to one of those variables.Allergies have an overlap with the symptoms of colds, but, in general, most sick cats are more lethargic. Cats can become allergic to things that never bothered them before, so do not rule out any possibility. If the problem persists, contact a veterinarian for analysis.


Injuries, growths and other factors . Some cats have topical nasal problems, which require an inspection. An injured nose (probably from a cat fight or accident) can bleed or swell, causing swelling in the nose. If it gets worse, this can lead to a secondary infection. Nose growths are more common in white cats, which are prone to certain types of skin cancer. Other growths can result from primary or secondary infections. Call a veterinarian for any growth present on your cat’s nose.


Other considerations If your cat’s nose produces secretions, is congested or swollen for more than a week, call a veterinarian. Any condition that causes nose problems for more than that time could be serious. Observe your cat for other symptoms. Your cat’s appetite is strongly linked to its sense of smell, and cats with nose problems often stop eating, so you may have to heat your cat’s dinner, or sprinkle it with tuna juice, to stimulate its interest.


Common Problems In The Nose Of Cats

The snout of your pet can give you many more clues than you can imagine about your state of health

 The nose is an organ of vital importance for cats since they are oriented through the nose and if for some reason this sense is diminished can be disoriented and helpless. Before eating a food, these animals sniff until they are sure that what is in front of them is not toxic or poisonous to them. A pussycat that can not smell will stop eating, until that point it is important that the nose of these pets is kept in the best possible condition.

Changes in temperature, which is more or less humid, mucus or wounds of unknown origin, may be indicative that your kitten needs a visit to the veterinarian.

Dry or wet nose


A widespread error among the owners of domestic cats is to think that a dry, hot snout means that the animal has a fever. However, changes in outside temperature, rubbing with something or even the gesture of cleaning yourself can cause your cat’s nose to dry, moisten, cool or warm up without this being a clear sign of anything. If we notice that these changes begin to be frequent, for no apparent reason and, in addition, are accompanied by other symptoms such as apathy, weight loss, excessive thirst or some intestinal disorder then we must go to a professional.

Runny nose


A healthy cat does not have to have nasal secretions. Cold or extreme heat can cause them , and if it is something continuous the animal can get sick. If there is a discharge, it must be clear and transparent.If the mucus is yellowish, thick or dark you have to go to a veterinarian to examine the causes of it.

Nose with wounds


The wounds that may appear on your cat’s muzzle will be of external origin in most cases. When our companion animal has a small scratch or scratch caused by a fight with another or even by having gotten where it should not, the wound can be cured with hydrogen peroxide so it does not get infected.If the nose of your pet appears cracked or with large wounds that we do not know where they came from, the visit to the veterinarian will be unavoidable.

Nose that changes color

The color of the truffle of the cats varies according to the race, being able to be from pink to black.Sometimes it may happen that he changes his tone – especially if his usual color is clear. That the muzzle of one of these animals is stained more intensely than normal is a sign of good health, and the change is simply due to the reflection of the variation in blood pressure.

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